This is Shadow Guidance

‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.’ – Carl G Jung What did Jung mean by this? He was talking about the tendencies of all manifested life to gravitate towards light. Look how it happens with photosynthesis. Plants grow towards the […]

Personal Breakthrough

Personal Breakthrough of patterns and blockages is the result of a healing process. Whatever you are going through or whatever is holding you back will only continue and the pattern will only replicate itself in other areas of your life as long as you are trying to “fight it” with […]

You cannot get this wrong.

Remember that your ego mind is experiencing this life time that your Soul (You) is putting you through. You cannot mess this up. You cannot get this wrong. Even when you think you have /are. This is what it means to trust the process. I invite you to realize the […]

Pursuit of Truth and consciousness

I find that the greatest paradox of all is that while in the outside world, our task in pursuit of Truth and consciousness is to dissolve the illusion of “separateness” and realize that everything is connected, In the inside world, our task in the pursuit of Truth and consciousness is […]

What are you doing wrong?

There’s something that almost everyone on earth is doing wrong. Even (and especially) in the spiritual community. And… there is something that most people are doing right. Particularly in the spiritual community. Let’s start on a good note 🙂 What are most people doing right? Tapping into divinity. Tapping into divine […]

Self Value

I used to be a really good life coach. I really was. I’d help my clients see their life in segments and equip them with applicable wisdom based on laws and the necessary techniques to coach them into their life objectives. Then, quite organically, I transitioned to performance coaching. And […]


Integrity. A congruence or alignment of words with actions. When, why, HOW did this become such a rare quality? If you say you’re going to do something and you don’t, that’s not small. It’s huge. It’s a soul thing. The definition of integrity is whole, complete or undivided. When you […]

Lack Mentality

The only way that lack mentality can manifest itself in the mind is through fear, doubt, worry and anxiety. Abundance however, manifests in the mind through calm focus, determination, gratitude and peace. #breakthroughcoaching #shadowguidance #thisgamehasrules