Jessica Skinner

I am a figure skater and I have been skating for 16 years. I have represented South Africa overseas many times. Although I have been doing this sport for most of my life I still had issues with thoughts of not being good enough to be a champion. I got in contact with Doron Geber, hoping he could help me. I came in and told him I have very bad self esteem and I don’t believe in myself or my abilities. This is what was stopping me from getting to where I wanted to be.

We started our sessions and slowly after each session I began to do all the small things that Doron recommended. My attitude towards myself and my sport changed. Not only did I notice this but the people around me did as well. People would either come to me or my coach and comment on how my attitude has changed and how my skating improved because of it.

I would recommend anyone to go for sessions with Doron, as not only will you accomplish what you came in to work on but you will change within yourself as well.