By Doron-Yitzchak Gibor - June 26, 2016

The reason I decided to see Doron Geber for coaching was to help me prepare for provincial and national masters athletics championships. I had lost the fighting-winning mentality and developed an attitude that merely competing was good enough. The trouble was that my training did not reflect the same mental attitude. I was training many hours on a daily basis on the track and in the gym. I wanted to get my fighting spirit back where my focus and attitude were sharp and turned on!

I found Doron to be very professional. He used a variety of techniques to help me achieve my goal. I enjoyed the sessions and learning different methods that I could apply on my own. Doron’s passion and commitment go without say. In fact he was so determined and committed to me understanding what it was I needed to that he made more time available to me until he was satisfied I got what I needed to get out of the session. Doron’s love for what he does is so clear as he would become animated when I made a breakthrough in my sessions so much that one cannot help but be infected by his positive attitude. I found Doron to be humble, sincere and totally accepting. I never felt judged no matter what I expressed in fact I felt supported and comfortable during the coaching sessions.

I am so confident that Doron can work his magic with anyone that I have recommend a few of my clients to work with him. Not only athletes but any person from all walks of life would benefit from working with Doron Geber. He is capable in his coaching skills to help anyone who is needing assistance with personal growth.

Doron-Yitzchak Gibor

Doron-Yitzchak is a breakthrough coach, transformation expert, and creator of Breakthrough Matrix Coaching.

With over 10 years of experience, he specializes in helping individuals unlock their true potential, overcome unconscious blockages, and achieve lasting transformation.

Through his unique blend of universal laws, kabbalistic principles, and Jungian psychology, Doron-Yitzchak guides clients on a journey of self-discovery, empowering them to break free from limitations and embrace a life of abundance, thriving relationships, and vibrant well-being.

His passion for making transformative knowledge accessible led him to create a learning platform with a wealth of free resources, ensuring that seekers can access the truths that can unlock their true potential.

Join Doron-Yitzchak's community and embark on a journey of breakthroughs, self-mastery, and personal evolution. And remember to follow Doron on social media for more inspiring content and updates.

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