By Doron-Yitzchak Gibor - June 30, 2016

This email serves to thank Doron Geber deeply and sincerely for assisting me to regain my equilibrium in re-building my life. After the ordeal I went through in losing my business I had somehow also lost myself. For a long time I just sat wondering how I could possibly get back up there. It was not until I met with Doron Geber, so fortuitously, that I was once again through his guidance and direction, able to see my way clear to starting my business life over again.


Doron’s perseverance in watching over me and guiding me is what gave me the ultimate courage to once again take up the reigns and venture forth. The amazing systems he put in place are working so well for me and I must confess without them I would be struggling. Doron taught me to be autonomous in my business admin, for which I am grateful.

I am thrilled to say that through Doron always steering me to think, act and anticipate a positive outcome not just a positive attitude, even now, when things look uncertain, I go through my affirmations and immediately doors open and I am smoothly back on track.

Without hesitation I  would recommend Doron Geber to every entrepreneur and business person either newly venturing out or seasoned CEO’s like me who suddenly find themselves in a rut.

Doron, you are the wind beneath my wings for which I truly THANK YOU!

Indeed you were my Personal Breakthrough Coach & expert in Manifestation.

With grateful thanks to G’D for bringing you into my life and my subsequent new pathway to success!

Doron-Yitzchak Gibor

Doron-Yitzchak is a breakthrough coach, transformation expert, and creator of Breakthrough Matrix Coaching.

With over 10 years of experience, he specializes in helping individuals unlock their true potential, overcome unconscious blockages, and achieve lasting transformation.

Through his unique blend of universal laws, kabbalistic principles, and Jungian psychology, Doron-Yitzchak guides clients on a journey of self-discovery, empowering them to break free from limitations and embrace a life of abundance, thriving relationships, and vibrant well-being.

His passion for making transformative knowledge accessible led him to create a learning platform with a wealth of free resources, ensuring that seekers can access the truths that can unlock their true potential.

Join Doron-Yitzchak's community and embark on a journey of breakthroughs, self-mastery, and personal evolution. And remember to follow Doron on social media for more inspiring content and updates.

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