Richard Harman & Kasia Jabrzemski

We run a small online retail business and a large annual event which has been in operation for just over 4 years. We had hit a few stumbling blocks on the road and needed to find ways to take our business to the next level. We decided it was to time to find someone who could assist us in achieving our goals. Enter Doron Geber, who we discovered through Facebook via a few connections.

We  are proud to have Doron working alongside us. He opened so many avenues for us to explore both in our personal and business capacities, as we discovered are very closely intertwined. We are now bearing the fruits of this.  He not only transformed our approach to business but our lives too. We are so impressed and excited for what the future holds.

We certainly recommend this amazing person to anyone seeking ways to better their lives in both personal and business capacities. He has helped us see our true potential and can certainly help anyone else! He has definitely shown us that ‘The Force is Strong with us!’