Ryan & Zan Davies

I was not happy with myself or where I was in life and I felt very uncomfortable. I knew I had to take a deep and hard look at who I was and what I had become. When I met Doron he immediately captivated me with his way. My objective was to understand my “why”, my “how”, and my  “what”. It was a not a material objective, it was deeply spiritual.

My experience was so much more than what I asked for. If Doron Geber enters your life, know that God has a special plan for you. It was like being guided by an angel. My experience has been truly interstellar. There are no words that can describe what I have been through over the past year. Without Doron’s integration and guiding light in his foundation principles, I would have been truly lost. Doron has brought me back to earth and back to me and I am eternally grateful. He is wise beyond this domain. I now know my path, my way and me.

Doron Geber is for you and for everyone. There is no issue too big or too small for Doron. He has a purpose and he has a way. If you listen and are willing to open your heart to him, you will be illuminated. I and many others recommend him- all you need to do is ask.