What is Breakthrough coaching?

Doron Yitzchak GiborBreakthrough coaching is different to other niches of coaching (life, performance, business, executive) because it relates to what is called an area of blockage or a pattern and the factors that govern blockages and patterns are not conscious factors, they are unconscious. What that means is that you can't discipline your way out of a pattern and you won't achieve breakthrough by "trying harder".

An area of blockage is an area of your life where no matter how hard you try, it just feels like someone or something else is in charge.

There are only 3 areas where a person can experience such a blockage: money, relationships and health.

If you have a money blockage, you'd experience an inability to earn beyond a certain income or you can't keep a job down or your business ventures just keep on failing.

If you have a relationship blockage, you'd experience an  inability to get into a relationship or you keep on getting into the same type of relationships that keep ending the same way.

If you have a health blockage, you'd experience an inability to just be healthy. There's always just something wrong.

Now the tricky thing is that you might not recognize this as a pattern because every time it happens, it's with a different person or set of people in a different place or situation so your logic might fool you in to believing that it's just coincidence or "bad luck".

If you have woken up to the fact that you may be stuck in a pattern, it may be time for you to give Breakthrough coaching a try.

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Whether on a transformation retreat or a 2 day breakthrough workshop. I equip every group I work with, with the tools to breakthrough patterns and blockages to their next level.


I work with leaders and individuals around the world designing personal breakthrough programs that help people breakthrough unconscious patterns and blockages.

Public Speaking

My greatest passion is speaking to groups about the mind and the laws of the universe and how personal breakthrough can be achieved by anyone.

More Testimonials

So the past few months have been very intense for me. One day I searched “victim mentality” on YouTube and came across this man named Doron Geber and watched his video and then that lead to a phone call which lead me to taking his 12 week course on breaking through old beliefs about yourself. At the time I was pretty much at rock bottom in every area of life. Our finances, marriage, family life, depressed, etc. As we went through this together, with other people as well, we worked through beliefs, anger, resentment (the list goes on and on) about myself that I didn’t even know I had. I now realize every belief you have, good or bad about life and yourself, is effecting your circumstances and experience. This is the most enlightening thing I’ve ever done. Doron is one that really “gets in the trenches with people”. He is so patient yet bold to help people get through the issues they need to to get a real breakthrough, where traditional counseling or “prayer” would not. He is also so knowledgeable when it coms to life and truly cares about all his clients. He gives 110%. I’m so thankful I did this course and would recommend it to anyone pretty much, but especially those who have suffered from depression, finances, anxiety, loneliness; pretty much anything. Things have dramatically shifted in my life, and now I’m ready for the next level. I went from crying tears of pain and misery to tears of joy and freedom. It’s allowed me to feel closer to God again, which that alone was worth it. I know I have more work to do and want to go deeper but for now I have been set up for life success in every way and have the tools to fight back if stuff arises in me again. I cannot thank him enough for giving me back my life, voice, value and so much more. Message me or him for any more details; your life is worth living in joy not suffering!! Thanks again Doron!!!

Holly G Holly G

I started my personal work with Doron Geber in September 2015 after seeing the work he did on another project I was involved with. I was immediately impressed by his passion, insight and clarity. It was very clear to me that he loves what he does and has the ability to transform lives.

My journey with Doron had a great impact on my life and I hold him in the highest regard. I believe Doron is man that is authentic, honest and sincere.

Jarrod Assenheim Media Entrepreneur

I started working with Doron Geber in 2015 with the express purpose of improving relationships in my life. Although I dated actively, I seemed unable to find my way into a fulfilling relationship. Doron helped me explore deeper blockages in my life that were sabotaging relationships and that couldn’t be fixed by just trying harder or doing more. We worked on these together, and Doron gave me a toolbox for transforming myself not only in this area but any part of my life that I reach a plateau. I’d bought a package of six sessions, but truthfully by session four I’d had a radical shift in my personal power, achieved the breakthroughs I wanted, and found my way into an incredible relationship. I still use Doron’s methods whenever I run into challenges in my life.

One of the most amazing things about working with Doron Geber is that he sells results, not coaching sessions – so unlike many professionals who may try and keep you on their couch for months, Doron gets you winning in life and on your way as fast as possible. I’ve worked with several coaches from different parts of the world, and I have never met anyone with such a succinct grasp of human development and how to shape powerful realities. I’d recommend Doron to anyone looking to create an exceptional life – please feel free to ask Doron for my contact details if you have any doubts about taking the leap.

Michael S. Entrepreneur

This email serves to thank Doron Geber deeply and sincerely for assisting me to regain my equilibrium in re-building my life. After the ordeal I went through in losing my business I had somehow also lost myself. For a long time I just sat wondering how I could possibly get back up there. It was not until I met with Doron Geber, so fortuitously, that I was once again through his guidance and direction, able to see my way clear to starting my business life over again.


Doron’s perseverance in watching over me and guiding me is what gave me the ultimate courage to once again take up the reigns and venture forth. The amazing systems he put in place are working so well for me and I must confess without them I would be struggling. Doron taught me to be autonomous in my business admin, for which I am grateful.

I am thrilled to say that through Doron always steering me to think, act and anticipate a positive outcome not just a positive attitude, even now, when things look uncertain, I go through my affirmations and immediately doors open and I am smoothly back on track.

Without hesitation I  would recommend Doron Geber to every entrepreneur and business person either newly venturing out or seasoned CEO’s like me who suddenly find themselves in a rut.

Doron, you are the wind beneath my wings for which I truly THANK YOU!

Indeed you were my Personal Breakthrough Coach & expert in Manifestation.

With grateful thanks to G’D for bringing you into my life and my subsequent new pathway to success!

Wendy Machanik Real Estate Guru and Trainer

At the time that I met Doron Geber I was about to throw in the towel on my business and do something else. I was in a very bad place emotionally. Despite loving what I did every day I was still battling with certain aspects of myself that I just could not see. There were these unconscious thoughts and behaviours that I knew where there but I could just not ‘see’ them.

The first day I met Doron Geber we connected, within 2 minutes of talking to Doron (one on one), he took me through an exercise that exposed an unconscious program that had been driving my behaviour for over 40 years. This resulted in a series of massive breakthroughs for me. I hired him as my coach immediately. I do not believe that I would be where I am today if he had not helped me uncover the unconscious programs as he did.

I highly recommend Doron Geber as a breakthrough coach, he does just that, he helped me breakthrough my unconscious behaviour and thoughts. Everything changed in my life as a result of Doron’s wisdom and kindness. He not only helped me change my personal life but he helped me grow my business to where it is today. Many new entrepreneurs forget that they are the business and if they have any unconscious behaviours that are affecting them personally these behaviours will reflect in their business as was the case with me.

Thank you Doron.

Ian Gray Simons The Mindful Juice Guy

I am a figure skater and I have been skating for 16 years. I have represented South Africa overseas many times. Although I have been doing this sport for most of my life I still had issues with thoughts of not being good enough to be a champion. I got in contact with Doron Geber, hoping he could help me. I came in and told him I have very bad self esteem and I don’t believe in myself or my abilities. This is what was stopping me from getting to where I wanted to be.

We started our sessions and slowly after each session I began to do all the small things that Doron recommended. My attitude towards myself and my sport changed. Not only did I notice this but the people around me did as well. People would either come to me or my coach and comment on how my attitude has changed and how my skating improved because of it.

I would recommend anyone to go for sessions with Doron, as not only will you accomplish what you came in to work on but you will change within yourself as well.

Jessica Skinner Amateur figure skater

I started working with Doron Geber in 2014 as a Personal Coach with the main objective of overcoming a mental block that was preventing me from reaching my next level, both personally and professionally.

The experience with Doron proved to be so much more. He has a wonderful gift of understanding how the mind works which enables him to help resolve deep seated issues with simple, workable solutions – some practical, some esoteric.

As a coach Doron is fantastic. As a person he is dependable, honest and ethical. I have the highest regard for him both personally and professionally and look forward to continue working with Doron in the future.

Ryan Friedman Fund Manager

I started working with Doron Geber in February 2013 through a project which was aimed at assisting disadvantaged African entrepreneurs in Johannesburg, South Africa. I always had questions as to what makes people wealthy while others remain poor. I grew up in poverty for most of my life. My mother was a domestic worker and my father was disabled and relied on a measly government grant to support six children. I was forced to drop out of university due to lack of finance. I got frustrated with the jobs that were only interested in me bringing in money for them with no potential for me to grow. I always had big dreams in life, the only problem was, I had no clue as to how I could make my dreams become a reality.

When I met Doron, I was selling chicken feet and ox liver on a street pavement in Soweto (a large township in Johannesburg) making R1500 a month (about USD 100). From there he coached and mentored me in his way. I stopped fighting poverty and started focusing on prosperity. Within three months my business was off the pavement and I was operating on a rented premises and had also introduced another branch in the form of a joint venture and we were then selling products which brought in good money. Our bottom line went from R1500 a month to R7000!!
Doron always told me that I was wealthy in my mind like most of the people I looked up to. I would laugh and tell him to open his eyes and see the suffering and extreme poverty that I was living. He told me that as long as I had great ambitions in life I can do anything. Not only did he teach me the accounting that I needed to run my business successfully, he also taught me how to use my mind to manifest because it is the most powerful tool that can take me to my next level. I mastered the skills he taught me and I was amazed at the changes that took place in my life.

Today I am one of three in a team operating a start-up food business with 3 million Rands (about USD 250,000) of capital. I am also an inspiration to my friends who have graduated out of university during my years of struggle.

I recommend to people who are sick and tired of the level which they are in and are ready for their next level, not hesitate to consult with Doron Geber. I sometimes call him the humble magician. He is gifted in what he does and can work with any person from any background.

Laurence Nkuna Entrpreneur

The reason I decided to see Doron Geber for coaching was to help me prepare for provincial and national masters athletics championships. I had lost the fighting-winning mentality and developed an attitude that merely competing was good enough. The trouble was that my training did not reflect the same mental attitude. I was training many hours on a daily basis on the track and in the gym. I wanted to get my fighting spirit back where my focus and attitude were sharp and turned on!

I found Doron to be very professional. He used a variety of techniques to help me achieve my goal. I enjoyed the sessions and learning different methods that I could apply on my own. Doron’s passion and commitment go without say. In fact he was so determined and committed to me understanding what it was I needed to that he made more time available to me until he was satisfied I got what I needed to get out of the session. Doron’s love for what he does is so clear as he would become animated when I made a breakthrough in my sessions so much that one cannot help but be infected by his positive attitude. I found Doron to be humble, sincere and totally accepting. I never felt judged no matter what I expressed in fact I felt supported and comfortable during the coaching sessions.

I am so confident that Doron can work his magic with anyone that I have recommend a few of my clients to work with him. Not only athletes but any person from all walks of life would benefit from working with Doron Geber. He is capable in his coaching skills to help anyone who is needing assistance with personal growth.

Nico Koutakis Amateur sprinter and power lifter, also Specialist Trainer of the South African Paralympic team

The first time I met Doron Geber was in a parking lot for 30 seconds (a friend introduced us) and from this brief engagement I already knew that guidance from him would add great value to my life. My biggest objective was to lose the anxiety of my debt and to start “flowing” as opposed to battling.

Over a six week period  I felt my self worth increase, my debt based anxiety faded and I suddenly had less battles to fight as I had started identifying leaders in my business as opposed to enemies.

I would highly recommend Doron Geber to anyone who wishes to excel in all aspects of their life. He is truly a wise and special person.

Greig Walker Owner of Cnr Cafe and The Wolfpack restaurants

I was not happy with myself or where I was in life and I felt very uncomfortable. I knew I had to take a deep and hard look at who I was and what I had become. When I met Doron he immediately captivated me with his way. My objective was to understand my “why”, my “how”, and my  “what”. It was a not a material objective, it was deeply spiritual.

My experience was so much more than what I asked for. If Doron Geber enters your life, know that God has a special plan for you. It was like being guided by an angel. My experience has been truly interstellar. There are no words that can describe what I have been through over the past year. Without Doron’s integration and guiding light in his foundation principles, I would have been truly lost. Doron has brought me back to earth and back to me and I am eternally grateful. He is wise beyond this domain. I now know my path, my way and me.

Doron Geber is for you and for everyone. There is no issue too big or too small for Doron. He has a purpose and he has a way. If you listen and are willing to open your heart to him, you will be illuminated. I and many others recommend him- all you need to do is ask.

Ryan & Zan Davies Owners of Primal Gym, Primal Krav Maga and Primal Fitness

We run a small online retail business and a large annual event which has been in operation for just over 4 years. We had hit a few stumbling blocks on the road and needed to find ways to take our business to the next level. We decided it was to time to find someone who could assist us in achieving our goals. Enter Doron Geber, who we discovered through Facebook via a few connections.

We  are proud to have Doron working alongside us. He opened so many avenues for us to explore both in our personal and business capacities, as we discovered are very closely intertwined. We are now bearing the fruits of this.  He not only transformed our approach to business but our lives too. We are so impressed and excited for what the future holds.

We certainly recommend this amazing person to anyone seeking ways to better their lives in both personal and business capacities. He has helped us see our true potential and can certainly help anyone else! He has definitely shown us that ‘The Force is Strong with us!’

Richard Harman & Kasia Jabrzemski Proud owners of The Dark Carnival and GeekFest South Africa

What was my objective when I first met Doron Geber? Quite simply, I was tired of living in GROUNDHOG DAY. I’m an Artist and needed to find a way of getting my MOJO back. I also needed to learn to believe in myself more. I had lost the drive I used to have and found the prospect of work a chore rather that something I looked forward to. But I also knew that it was up to me to change that. I just needed to find someone that understood me and my thoughts. I met a few different Life Coaches but it was obvious we were on different wavelengths. It was quite obvious after 5 minutes talking to Doron that we connected. There were far too many coincidences and alignments in what he said to me.

My experience with Doron was that straight away I started getting stuff done. He brought out the answers I already knew were deep in there somewhere. He also motivated me and showed me how to DO rather than think about doing and never actually get done. I made a book of affirmations and wrote in it every morning when I woke and every night before I slept. This really helped. I knew this, because on the few days I didn’t do it I felt less positive. I have become far more productive than I had previously been. I also now find myself trying to respond to people in the same way Doron would respond to me which makes me far more patient and understanding. I have to work at it though and keep reminding myself not to fall into bad habits. Since I have worked with Doron I have gone back and reworked some of my pieces that I knew deep down were not finished yet, and NOW they are far better and have the meaning that they were always supposed to have.

I would highly recommend Doron as he is very in touch with who he is and what he is doing for others. He really understands whats inside people’s heads and shows you how to throw out all the trash thats in there and live a simpler productive life. One thing Doron taught me is that PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT. This doesn’t mean what most people think it actually means but I’m not going to tell you. Doron has the answer to this little life riddle.

Thanks again for everything Doron. You’re a special soul doing amazing work.

Ryan Mc Elhinney Installation Artist

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Hi there. My name is Doron and I am a Shadow Guide and Breakthrough coach. I help people breakthrough unconscious blockages and patterns 😊 Now here’s the tricky thing… You don’t know that you have an unconscious blockage. That’s sort of the definition of “unconscious”. You have to realize it or […]

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