Mental blocks around money

Arriving at the conclusion that I had a mental block around money was a very humbling experience. I thought it would be dis-empowering, but it wasn’t. It actually gave me hope. It meant that there was a very specific something that was going on that I couldn’t see (and didn’t […]

Gratitude is like a muscle

When you understand that your entire life experience is the attraction of your vibrational frequency, you’ll also understand that there really is no one to blame for your negative circumstances. If you want a better life experience, start to feel grateful about everything in your life. EVERYTHING. Gratitude is like […]


Hi there. My name is Doron and I am a Shadow Guide and Breakthrough coach. I help people breakthrough unconscious blockages and patterns 😊 Now here’s the tricky thing… You don’t know that you have an unconscious blockage. That’s sort of the definition of “unconscious”. You have to realize it or […]

You’re here to be fulfilled

Contrary to popular belief, you’re not here to be happy, you’re here to be fulfilled. The part of your being that has urges is not the part of your being that gets fulfilled. Transformation means resisting the urges of an old way of being until your new way of being […]


Human beings are designed to be together in many ways. Work together, live together, play together… We know this by the phenomenon that is “synergy”. Synergy is a miracle that occurs and no one really knows how. Synergy happens when 2 or more people come together for a common goal. […]

Rejected Affirmations

Many people make use of and know the power of affirmations. But because so few people know how to formulate them correctly, a lot of people use (simple) affirmations like: -> I am abundant in my life! -> I am powerful in my communication! -> I am resolute in my […]


Kabbalah means receiving in Hebrew. The mystical body of knowledge that is Kabbalah is about esoteric wisdom in it’s principle form. When you are able to train your mind to recognize these principles of esoteric wisdom in the world, you literally begin to receive (kabbalah) the secrets of the universe. […]

7 universal Hermetic laws

Have you ever intentionally manifested something “using” the Law of Attraction? If you have, you’ve probably also found that while there are things you can manifest effortlessly, there are a few very specific things that you just cannot manifest no matter what. How can this be?? If the law of […]

Keep your word.

Want to stand out in this world? Keep your word. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. It’s become a really rare commodity and you will stand out if you do. Understand that your word and it’s integrity is literally the only thing that you carry around […]


So many people think that setting boundaries equates to conflict and therefore avoid doing it and then get mistreated by the people in their lives. Have faith in yourself and speak your boundaries. Boundaries are the way you let people know how to love you. I personally would not want […]