Kabbalah means receiving in Hebrew.

The mystical body of knowledge that is Kabbalah is about esoteric wisdom in it’s principle form.

When you are able to train your mind to recognize these principles of esoteric wisdom in the world, you literally begin to receive (kabbalah) the secrets of the universe.

The universal laws of manifestation (creation).

When that happens, the veil gets lifted and Truth revels itself as a matter of inquiry and not disillusionment.

I have dedicated my life to this and now it is my mission, my passion, my obsession, to bring this to those that seek it as I do continually.

Learn the universal laws and you will learn how to create.

I’m so grateful for platforms like the internet and social media that allow me to share my passion with you.

The only way to be free of slavery, is to swear yourself into service.

I am fulfilled.

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