7 universal Hermetic laws

Have you ever intentionally manifested something “using” the Law of Attraction?

If you have, you’ve probably also found that while there are things you can manifest effortlessly, there are a few very specific things that you just cannot manifest no matter what.

How can this be??

If the law of attraction is a law, surely it should work EVERY TIME?

Sorta like gravity 

No one EVER gets that one wrong.

See, universal laws are precise and accurate and exact and consistent. Every time.

Without fail.

The reason you may have gotten manifesting wrong using the LoA is because the law of attraction is NOT a universal law. (gasp)

In many ways, it’s actually a myth. (GASP)

Think about it. If it were a law, you could not get it wrong. EVER.

The law at play here is one of the 7 universal Hermetic laws, the Law of Polarity.