Keep your word.

Want to stand out in this world?

Keep your word.

If you say you’re going to do something, do it.

It’s become a really rare commodity and you will stand out if you do.

Understand that your word and it’s integrity is literally the only thing that you carry around with you in this world and once you’ve moved on from here.

You cannot build a reputation based on words and promises or the things you were going to do.

A reputation is built on actions only.

Do you have a reputation for following through on your word no matter what?

Or are you the person with a reputation of kind and loving yet empty words with no action?

Try it out for 1 week. It will change your life IF you have the grit to stand by your word.

Only say what you mean for 1 week.

Stand out through your integrity.

1 week.

I dare you to be brilliantly in integrity with your spoken word for 1 week.