Rejected Affirmations

Many people make use of and know the power of affirmations. But because so few people know how to formulate them correctly, a lot of people use (simple) affirmations like:

-> I am abundant in my life!
-> I am powerful in my communication!
-> I am resolute in my decisions!
and the like.

Nothing wrong with these BUT if your current reality is so polar to these statements, you probably have this insistent voice in your head saying


It’s like your mind saying “sorry, I cannot accept this bullshit affirmation when the opposite is true”.

That’s ok. There is a way around it.

It’s called process.

Process is inherent in every human mind as all of nature (including you) is a process in process.

Think about it, every time you or someone you know was frustrated and wanted quicker/faster/better results, all someone had to say to you was “Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s a process” and the frustration subsides.

The same is true with affirmations.

If your inner voice is negating an affirmation, then turn the affirmation into a process.

-> I’m getting more and more powerful in my communication with every day that passes.
-> I’m more resolute in my decisions today than I was yesterday and last week.
-> I am tapping into abundance more and more every day, seeing it everywhere I look.

No part of your mind can deny process.

Please use this information and please share.