What is Breakthrough coaching?

Doron Yitzchak GiborBreakthrough coaching is different to other niches of coaching (life, performance, business, executive) because it relates to what is called an area of blockage or a pattern and the factors that govern blockages and patterns are not conscious factors, they are unconscious. What that means is that you can't discipline your way out of a pattern and you won't achieve breakthrough by "trying harder".

An area of blockage is an area of your life where no matter how hard you try, it just feels like someone or something else is in charge.

There are only 3 areas where a person can experience such a blockage: money, relationships and health.

If you have a money blockage, you'd experience an inability to earn beyond a certain income or you can't keep a job down or your business ventures just keep on failing.

If you have a relationship blockage, you'd experience an  inability to get into a relationship or you keep on getting into the same type of relationships that keep ending the same way.

If you have a health blockage, you'd experience an inability to just be healthy. There's always just something wrong.

Now the tricky thing is that you might not recognize this as a pattern because every time it happens, it's with a different person or set of people in a different place or situation so your logic might fool you in to believing that it's just coincidence or "bad luck".

If you have woken up to the fact that you may be stuck in a pattern, it may be time for you to give Breakthrough coaching a try.

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