Everything is either male or female in gender or positive extreme or negative extreme in polarity.

Where ever there is a male aspect and female aspect, there can be and there is creation.

The law of gender is the law of creation.


The law of gender states that a male aspect gives of himself to a female aspect who receives into herself, where there is life there will be a gestation period after which, the female births a creation.

This happens everywhere with everything.


Think of father sky who gives of himself to mother earth who receives into herself and after a gestation period births vegetation. With humans, a man gives of himself in the form of ejaculation to a woman who receives into herself and after a gestation period we call pregnancy, births a new human. It works the same with the mind. An idea or a “spark of brilliance” is the male, the comprehension and understanding is the female and the knowledge that comes after it has “sunk in” or “clicked” is the knowledge. Even the mind itself is the birthing of the soul (male aspect like father sky) in the body (female aspect like mother earth).

And so creation continues.


It doesn’t end there, it applies, among many other things, to music as well. Music is the combination or unison of a beat or rhythm (male aspect) with a melody or tune (female aspect). Why is the beat is male and the melody is female? That’s because the male and female aspects have traits or characteristics that are very unique and specific to each one.

Characteristics of the MALE aspect Characteristics of the FEMALE aspect
Straight Curvy
Consistent Spontaneous
Analytical Creative
Disciplined Urge Based
Loyal Self-Serving
Will (long term) Desire (short term)
Giving Receiving
Active Passive


I hope you have noticed that male does not mean man and female does not mean woman. The law of gender simply states that there is a male aspect and a female aspect to everything dynamic. Only when it comes to human beings the male is man and the female is woman.


The male aspect has straight lines where the female aspect has curvy lines (think of the human body). The male aspect is consistent (like the beat) where the female aspect is spontaneous (like the melody). The male aspect is analytical (the male left brain) where the female aspect is creative (the female right brain). If you look on at the characteristics, you will begin to see a pattern of the male and female energies.

Nature’s expression of the pure male aspect in the animal kingdom is the canine. See how it meets all the male aspects traits. Nature’s expression of the pure female aspect in the animal kingdom is the feline. You can train a dog to guard meat (discipline/loyal) but the cat will take what it wants when it wants (urge based / self-serving).


As for active vs passive, think of when species mate, which aspect is active and which active is passive. Are you beginning to see the pattern in the relationship between the two energies?

These characteristics are not descriptions but rather attributes and traits. Both man and woman have both male and female attributes inside them. Take for instance the act of giving which is male and receiving which is female. If a man has a problem receiving things from people like compliments or support, that would be a feminine (female energy) issue. If a woman has a problem giving compliments or offering support, that would be a masculine (male energy) issue.


The reason that its important to be aware of the law of gender is so that you can understand the law of polarity. It is the unawareness of the law of polarity that impacts a person’s life a lot more than the law that governs creation through gender and gestation in nature.


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