The law of gender is a precursor to the law of polarity. Where the law of gender governs the interaction of 2 separate “entities” as it were, the law of polarity governs concepts, principles or experiences with male and female being expressed as positive and negative extremes of the same thing.


Take for instance temperature. It has no male or female but it does have a positive extreme called hot and a negative extreme called cold. It would be best to imagine temperature as an axis with two extreme poles.




What a lot of people don’t realize is that these extremes that are usually referred to as opposites, are not really opposites. They are part of the very same thing, the axis, in this case, temperature, just different degrees. There are no true opposites here. Opposite infers to something geographical or positional, like the bank is opposite the supermarket. You can draw a line in the middle so to speak, indicating where the banks’ half ends and where the supermarket’s half begins. You cannot do that with an axis because the polar extremes are relative to the person and his/her experience.


Take for instance the axis of the supply of money. On the positive extreme there is “rich” and on the negative extreme there  be “cold” and “poor”. These are not opposites. They may be opposing poles on the axis but essentially, they are all the same axis. Can you indicate where on the axis of temperature the cold stops and the hot starts? And can you say on the axis of the supply of money where rich stops and where poor starts?


You can’t because it is completely relative to the person having the experience. For most people, having 5 million dollars means rich but if a billionaire lost everything and was left with 5 million dollars, they might feel poor. It’s all relative. In fact, what’s also special about the law of polarity is that the one extreme defines the other. You would only know and appreciate extreme joy if you have experienced extreme sorrow. If you knew what poverty feels like you could decide based purely on that experience that you don’t want it and prefer to create and live a rich and abundant life.


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