Self Value

I used to be a really good life coach.

I really was.

I’d help my clients see their life in segments and equip them with applicable wisdom based on laws and the necessary techniques to coach them into their life objectives.

Then, quite organically, I transitioned to performance coaching.

And I was a really good performance coach.

I focused on pro MMA (aka cage fighters) athletes in South Africa (lots of media exposure) and even molded a champion purely through mindset training and mental conditioning.

Then I transitioned to business coaching and yes, I was a really good business coach 😊

But not just because I understand the flow of value between seller and buyer, but because now I understood what was the underlying factor in all human endeavor.

And it was the same in executive and leadership coaching…

Self value.

Now I know that you know that term as does probably everyone else.

But you see, it’s not a simple or straightforward concept.

So many people struggle with the practical side of self love, self respect, self esteem, self value.

It’s like a mystery…until it’s not.

Self value is the secret behind all progression in life.

As we are multidimensional beings, self value has many definitions for each dimension of the self.

My favourite definition of self value is the esoteric definition:

Self value is the measure of how bright you allow your light to shine.

Isn’t that beautiful?

From a universal perspective or rather from the Universe’s point of view, all that matters is your vibration.

The lower your self value, the lower your bandwidth of vibrational frequency.

The higher your self value, the higher your bandwidth of vibrational frequency.

The entire universe is merely a response mechanism responding to your vibration.

Today, I no longer coach in genres or styles (life, performance, business, executive /leadership).

Today I do one thing essentially (that creates many things).

I help people raise their vibrational frequency into their next bandwidth.

Your entire life as you know it, is an expression of your current bandwidth of vibrational frequency.

Your income, your relationships, your health, your successes, your failures.


Most coaches will help you get to the high end of your current bandwidth.

And that’s great and very necessary.

But if you want to breakthrough to your next bandwidth of vibrational frequency, where your income is higher (beyond your blockage) and your relationships are intimate and authentic (despite your pattern) and your health is vibrant (despite your medical history), do my Breakthrough course.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you may not be ready for my coaching.

If you speak this language and know exactly what I’m talking about, then consider signing up for course.