The law of vibration is the one constant in life that, while not being unique to the physical world as intangible things have a vibration too, it is the universal law that best characterizes the physical world from a perspective of the human experience.

The law of vibration states that everything vibrates. In actual fact, nothing is still. Not the chair your’e sitting on, not the table you may be sitting at, neither the walls of your house nor the rocks on the ground. Everything, but everything, vibrates.


Everything is made of the same thing in it’s smallest particle, the atom and the atom is not still. The atom is made of a proton with an electron that spins around it in a flower-like contour and depending on the substance, there may be a neutron as well. The point is this, the very thing that makes up everything, is a moving thing. Therefore, everything else moves in the same way it does, vibration.

Our eyes don’t see this, they can’t pick up anything microscopic and an atom is much, much smaller than a cell (the first microscopic level). The cell itself is made up of atoms. The truth is that if you could see things on an atomic level, you’d see how everything vibrates. The only difference between objects (like your skin, flesh, blood and bones) would be the rate at which they are vibrating at, in other words, their vibrational frequency.


Because everything vibrates, everything has a frequency of vibration. The Law of attraction simply matches frequencies. What that means is that things that vibrate at the same frequency will attract each others opposing gender or polarity (read more about the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity here). Just like a magnet.

Think of a radio. Let’s say your favourite station was at the frequency of 100FM. What that means is that your radio(‘s receiver) would have to be set to receive the radio waves that are vibrating at the frequency modulation (FM) of 100.00 megahertz. If your radio is set to 99.9 it will not pick up your radio station. The same will happen at 100.1. It is only when your radio is set to exactly 100.00 that you will hear the music that is being carried at that vibrational frequency.


The same holds true for us human beings. The life that you want to live has an equivalent in vibrational frequency. In fact, the life you’re living right now has a vibrational frequency. It’s the very frequency at which you are vibrating! What that means is that whatever is happening to you in your life, whatever is going on, be it good or bad, is because of the frequency at which you are vibrating. Your life experience is merely the attraction of your vibrational frequency.


Everything that we experience in life has an equivalent on a different scale of measurement. What that means is if you are feeling happy for instance (emotional experience) then there is a biochemical equivalent for this emotion in the form of serotonin or dopamine that gets released in your brain. The same principle applies with vibrational frequency. Whatever is going on for you in life is a reflection of the vibrational frequency at which you are vibrating. The life that you want to live has a different vibrational frequency to your current one. You don’t need to know what that frequency is, you just need to know what you want from life and work towards it in the application of cause and effect (read more about cause and effect here). The point of knowing this is knowing what the mechanics are that govern your experience so that you don’t mistakenly (albeit quite naturally) start blaming other people for what you’ve attracted when it is unpleasant or perceived as detrimental to you.



Why is that important?


It’s important because if you don’t know this, you might (mistakenly) hold someone else responsible for your situation in the form of blaming which is not only an exercise in futility, but is also a sure way to resentment. Once resentment sets in, diseases and illnesses of all sorts are not far behind. This is the premise for a paradigm known as victim mentality, where a person perceives him or herself as being on the receiving end of whatever life decides to dish out. This is an illusion (read more about victim mentality here). It’s a very dis-empowering paradigm.


It’s important because if you didn’t know that you are the creator of your entire life experience (for better or for worse) then you would still have the victim mentality paradigm which has nothing good or sustainable about it. It’s a paradigm where a person has to be right which means that someone has to be wrong. It’s a paradigm where a person has so much proof for how he/she was wronged by someone or something else. All this leads to resentment and when a person has resentment that’s been left for long enough, the body’s biochemistry will produce acidity (low pH) and the one thing that most diseases and conditions require to thrive on is acidity. If you’ve got gout, acid reflux, indigestion, diabetes, arthritis and many more then, this may very well be true for you.


It’s also important because just by knowing this, you can have peace. If there was one vibration that is unencumbered, that is acid free that is the “ultimate” state so to speak because of its attractive capabilities it’s the vibrational frequency of your state of peace. When you can look at your entire life in all of it’s aspects and be at peace with everything specifically the “bad” or unpleasant things, you will have had your healing and you will experience the shift in your vibration and the new attraction of it, as personal breakthrough.


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