This universe is governed by laws.

Also known as Universal Principles, these laws and principles govern absolutely everything in the most esoteric yet precise of ways.

They are the 7 Hermetic laws and you may know some of them:

  1. The Law of Mentalism
  2. The Law of Vibration
  3. The Law of Cause & Effect
  4. The Law of Gender
  5. The Law of Polarity
  6. The Law of Correspondence
  7. The Law of Rhythm 

I discuss each of them in their respective pages but what I want to point out is that the law that many would regard as the most famous or well known Universal Law is not there, the Law of Attraction.

This is because the Law of Attraction is not an objective law so to speak as it only exists when a human being is involved whereas these 7 Hermetic law exist whether or not there is a human being present.

Because a human being, unlike any other living thing, is an attraction centre, we experience these 7 laws synergized as one law called Attraction.

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